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Change is good. Society seems to be perpetually changing our politics and regulations to save itself from regression, or being left behind in a world that is constantly modernizing. Most of the time, our adaptations to the changing times  are advantageous, and have rendered the United States one of the superpowers of the world. On the news, we brag about technological innovations, advancements in our education system, and refreshed activism in social issues that reflect the benefits of change, and our positive relationship with it. Therefore, today I decided to walk around and choose a new spot where I would journal for the remainder of the semester. Surprisingly, I found great difficulty locating a new spot. I wasn't afraid to step outside of my comfort zone; I even tried writing in the garden next to Haffner. However, nothing I tried felt "right". I missed the familiarity of my old spot next to the pond behind Rhodes, and I was frustrated at myself for it. I convinced myself that if I changed up my old routine, I would see the results in my writing. I found myself forcing a change that didn't need to happen at all. In the end, I returned to the pond, and tried writing again. Watching the pond in the rain allowed me to clear my head of all my frustration, and the writing soon flowed in after. I realized that, while change is good, you shouldn't force it--so for now, you can still find me at Rhodes every Sunday, writing behind the pond.