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Econ 136: Week 4 Tasks

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ECON 136:  Week 4 Tasks

Monday:  Choice & Opportunity Cost

Preparing for class:

In Sapling Learning, read Taylor, Ch. 2, pp. 15-18 and 26-33 

If so inclined, you might think about how to draw a budget line or a production possibility frontier in your word processor, spreadsheet or drawing program.

Before you retire Sunday night (or by 3am  Monday)

            Complete the Choice and Opportunity Cost problem set in Sapling Learning


Wednesday:  On the Gains from Voluntary Exchange

            Preparing for Class

            In Sapling Learning, read

                        Taylor Ch. 3, pp. 39-52; and

Taylor Chapter 8 Appendix, pp. 689-696 (It appears as A8 toward the very end of all the Taylor Chapters)

Think about how you might use indifference curves and PPF diagrams to illustrate an explanation of the gains from trade

Before you retire Tuesday night (or by 3am  Wednesday)

            Complete the Voluntary Exchange problem set in Sapling Learning


360 Students:  Meet at Pem Arch at 10:00am  for John James Audobon’s Mill Grove

Non-360 Students:  Meet in Dalton 6 at 9:10.

Preparing for  Non-360 Class:   Audobon is creator of the magnificent and unique The Birds of America.   Let’s talk about what it means to value it.   As a start, read

Gamerman, E. (2010, December 8).  Birds' Book Soars to Record.  Wall Street Journal.  Retrieved from 

Flood, A. (2012, January 6). World's most expensive book, Birds of America, set to fetch $10m.  The Guardian. Retrieved from 

Christies (2013, January 20).   Audobon’s The Birds of America Achieves $7.9 Million at Christie’s New York..  Retrieved from


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