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The *Magical* World of Bryn Mawr College

Sara Lazarovska's picture

I chose this photograph of the Thomas cloisters because this is the first "true" image of Bryn Mawr College I saw. By "true" I mean an image that was not included in a college brochure or a letter to my parents trying to convince them to enroll me at BMC. My roommate Paige Toft, when she found out that I have no idea what the BMC campus really looks like, told me to to look up "bryn mawr cloisters" on Google Images, and this is the image that first caught my eye. Instant thought: the Transfiguration Courtyard in Harry Potter! I felt immediately closer to my chosen college, simply because I knew I had found at least one place where I would feel at home at BMC. Of course, now that I'm here, there are numerous places all around campus where I feel that way, but back in July, when I didn't know what to expect of the College, this photo gave me hope and reassurance. It showed me that the college I picked at least looks like my dream school - Hogwarts. That is why the cloisters in Thomas are the site I've chosen to revisit throughout the year; although I'm allergic and therefore can't comfortably sit on the grass, this is a place where I feel happy and satisfied.

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