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To inspire your reflections on Jody's prompt...

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--"what are some ways we might think about outdoor spaces as sites of learning/education?"--here are a few images from an "outdoor classroom" that David just told me about; I've been @ BMC for over thirty years, and had never seen this space. What-and-how might we learn here?


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Looking through these

Looking through these pictures, a few things come to mind that we could teach and learn about. First, we can learn to look further than the obvious. Encourage individuals to squat, lay, or even reach into the sky to look around what's around them. Observation and analytical skills are important not only in literature but also in anything we do in life. 

Second, we learn how different species interact with each other and build symbiotic relationships. We help each other survive and it can be taken from any standpoint but we tend to forget how important coexistence is and how without it we would probably not be alive.