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Ghost Town

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Here are the lyrics to the song I wrote for the creative project:

Ghost Town

Oh, can you take me to your ghost town
Where no one’s winter is a May crown

I ask, but even if it were true
you can’t have it belong to you

I heard the song of a canary
its feathered wings coated with coal dust

and still it sang with proof and pudding,
There’s no place else to go.

I found a minimal connection
within a mineral correction

to be compatible with wildlife,
don’t let’s be guides who make ourselves at home and
draw maps on the earth
of what parts of the earth
will go where on the earth
and for whom on the earth,

are we ruling with a May crown?

How do I illustrate one landscape different from the rest,
when they all begin with the end of my nose
and end with the gaps in my tongue?

Blotchy sky and tangled structure
the terminology of rupture

the solid stars on trees of sweet gum
have heavy wood but soulless bodies

a colony of great blue herons,
they err on ivy made of poison, impoundment

oh can you take me to your ghost town
where no one’s winter is a May crown

a crack in the stream’s ice; but I only sadden because of the excavating machine behind it, which is only guilty by juxtaposition, so I apologize.