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Course Reflection

edtech20's picture

This my first time taking a course that allows so much flexibility in how I turn in assignments and the format of the assignments. At first, I was not that big of a fan because I like structure and instruction so that I may be able to easily form my thoughts that way, but as I played around with my wide array of ideas, I appreciated and ejoyed the flexibility. When I did the Selwyn Analysis on a tumblr post, I had so much more fun creating this webpage instead of tediously counting the word count and using dull Times New Roman font on a stark white background. In class, I genuinely enjoy the discussions that develop throughout class.

I don't mind and do like the flexibilty for class assignments (written assignments, at that), but am not so big of a fan of how flexible the group projects are. I understand that a lot of the projects are pilot and culminate into a project that voices all of our ideas, but I feel like all the organization and contact between people at other schools and even countries are taking too long and becoming tedious. Of course, nothing is every simple and nothing is a silver bullet, but it's just one thing I'm frustrated about.

Furthermore, I enjoy doing the assigned readings, but found that oftentimes we don't discuss the entirety of the reading, which I would like to see more of. 

Finally, I'd like to see grades on my assignments as well as written feedback.