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Science and a Sense of Place

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My goal is to incorporate the Brain and Behavior Institute and Science and a Sense of Place into one project. The project will be on Bullying and Violence and I want to create it as a Service Learning Project, I guess I better warn my colleagues! I hope to work with the SS, math, computer and health teachers. I want the students to include stories about bullying and I hope thier stories about bullying change after this program.

The outline of this project at this point is to have the students research bullying and violence in schools and bullying and violence prevention programs. I hope to include a trip, but I am not sure where this trip will be, but I am open to any suggestions.

I also want to the students to create a magazine and possibly a website. We were discussing blogs today, but I am not sure not that is a good idea. I am afraid that there might be mean spirited comments made on the blog, which of course is the opposite of what I am trying to accomplish. Last year we created a science magazine.This year I would like to concentrate the magazine on bullying/ violence prevention. The students can share their stories, poems, raps, etc in the magazine. I want the magazine to center on the prevention of bullying and violence and have the students stories show off their success. Here are some WEBSITES that I have found on BULLYING

BUT, before I start this project I want to share some photos from The Women's Rights National Park that I visited over the weekend. These ladies and gentlemen did not put up with bullies!!!!

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These images are from The Women's Rights National PArk's homepage.