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Just Something Interesting...

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While not related to our current Act, I thought that this video was interesting and encompassed some of our ideas of being "at home" within one's body. It's a good reminder not to make preconceived judgements on others, as things may not be as they seem (I also just found it really amazing to watch and wanted to share). There's also a behind the scenes video which features some thoughts by Rico Genest, the gentleman featured in the video campaign. Enjoy!

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skinny dipping

Although the Go Beyond the Cover video didn't appear--"no longer available due to a copyright claim..."--the behind the scenes video is fascinating on many levels and resonates with the the playful, performative, potential themes of our course.  I'm also intrigued that this production seems to have been financed by a cosmetics company trying to market a more effective concealer.  I'm convinced!