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hello, cruel world

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I wanted to learn more about the outreach that Kate Bornstein does today, and her website "Hello Cruel World" is something that I feel is really great.


I think that most people who disregard conversations about gender and sexuality as something that doesn't pertain to them if their lives fit in the expected gender binary don't realize the amount such ignorance can further pain those who are struggling with their identities in such a way. Kate says "I think that the world needs more kind people in it, no matter who or what they are, or do"

I think that in some ways I am also guilty of not trying to learn as much about issues of gender and sexuality, because I have never struggled with my own sexual orientation or felt that I am wrongly gendered. Even so, the gender workbook helped me realize that the "ideal" woman and man are pretend ideas that no one can ever really fulfill no matter how hard that they try. Even if one considers themselves able to fit neatly inside society's accepted gender binary, the binary's ideals pose a problem for everyone. . . regardless of whether you 'appear' to be fitting well within it.


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Fault for not breaking the binary?

I agree, people don't usually pay attention to issues of gender and sexuality unless they have a problem. I know people like this. But since a lot of the time, people only start paying attention when something "bad" happens, like blatant sexism or questioning sexuality. Not that questioning one's gender or sexuality is bad, but it's a very distressing and confusing process when it sneaks up on you so it definitely feels that way for a while.  I agree that more people should pay attention to gender issues, but I don't think we should pass judgement on them. You said you're guilty of not trying to learn more, but I feel like it's not something you can pass judgement on.  Society built the gender binary, and conforming to it and not questioning it are ingrained in our minds from when we were children.  It's not anyone's fault if they don't question the binary, it's just the critical thinking that everyone has to discover for themselves.

I also wanted to say that Hello Cruel World was fantastic. A friend of mine gave me that book when I was having a hard time last year and it helped me get through some rough times.