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Our Ideas for the Rest of the Semester

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These are the notes from the discussion between FrigginSushi, MC, meowwalex, and I.


-       Globalize but also non-white American feminists

-       More theory – not necessarily gender and performativity but what do feminist writers think feminism is. More of a foundation.

  • We would have to decide from where we want to draw that foundation. There is so much out there and we would have to determine what would be useful. We have to pick and choose.
  • That is how most other English classes are structured, but is that how we want our structured?
  • Pick one topic and give basic theories on that. But that is picking single women out to represent feminism and we’re trying to avoid that?
  • Can’t really give a “crash course.” It would also be a lot of heavy academia reading.
  • Look through Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr and discuss the theories brought up in the memes. 

-       Liked the documentary. Do another one?

-       Poems are fun. Don’t have specific examples of feminist poetry.

-       Queer stuff. Other voices. Non cis women. It would be new, unexplored territory.  FrigginSushi really likes Tyra Banks.

-       Come up with questions or points that we want to be explored and what we want specific texts/media to follow in the rest of the class.

-       Expand, stretch, unstructured, not a box you can check. Further our experiences.



Exploring pop culture

-       Poetry from non-white feminists

-       Music

  • always been a way to “flip the bird to The Man.”
  • Feminism in popular culture
  • How it has changed and modernized.
  • Each person come in with a song and talk about it in class! Split into small groups and discuss them.
  • Also an opportunity to steal music from each other.
  • Why it makes you feel things
  • Talk about speaking out using music

-       Put music and poetry together and explore lyric and whatnot and feminism.

-       Why look at pop culture? Would that take us far enough?

  • It’s important because so many people dismiss it as fluff and entertainment, but it influences people so strongly. “no one takes it seriously” well why not? And for people who do, it’s scary, so talk about it. Talk about why certain things bother us. 
  • A lot of it is subliminal, so unveiling.
  • Children/young girls are shaped
  • What is beauty and how it is represented

Children/young adults and feminism

-       Young minds, feminist parenting

-       Reproduction of our society

-       Young Adult stuff

-       Talk about Twilight

  • Why people like/dislike
  • Feminist articles


Anne: How much do we want to explore something that we already know, and how much do we want to go further and do things we don’t know about yet? 


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i think the idea of looking

i think the idea of looking at popular ways of understanding what it is to be feminist as an access point, ie the feminist ryan gosling, might be actually really interesting, and that we kind of interrogate how feminism is portrayed or embodied or represented in these daily kinds of ways. Or to look at kind of pithy ways of understanding dense queer/feminist theory, like why is this funny to me:


Or other memes like critical feminist corgi. They might be interesting to look at.