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Teach like they do on the next block?

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I just spoke to our school's curriculum consultant. She asked me t o print out what the Philadelphia School District has created for their elementary teachers, to follow when teaching science. Am I going to have to mirror the elementary school around the block from our charter school?I think it's the core curriculum or the science frameworks. But if I have to follow their frameworks on a weekly basis, then I don't think I can continue teaching using or set of FOSS kits. This will also limit the amount of inquiry learning I can implement.

The past few days I have been very sleepy in class. I thought maybe it's the coffee they serve here, or the high-cholesteral breakfasts. Anyway, I had coffee today from WaWa and a high-fiber bran muffin at home. It was a little better until about 11 AM.

Someone told me that the story about James Donohoe and his tin whistle lessons at our school was in yesterday's Inquirrer.

After lunch today, I left some pieces of pita bread and some chewed-up chicken salad outside the classroom, on the ground, for the insects and birds at Bryn Mawr College!