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Smith College and its Alums

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Read this:

EDIT: Taken down on Smith's website due to technical difficulties. Read it on Jezebel instead:

And read the responses here:

Incredible, shocking? I feel fear/shame knowing that it is statistically likely that there are BMC alums like this. I know that BMC has changed a lot over the years, and somehow I wonder how the first decade of graduating classes would react to or interact with the last decade of graduating classes (GOLD - Graduates of the Last Decade).


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Carol's response?

I'm not even sure if this is a real letter or not, but I was also linked to Carol Christ's (the president of Smith) response to the letter.

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Here's a link to the response

Here's a link to the response posted on Smith's website: Just wanted to clear that up. - Amelia Allard,