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The Reality of Who Actually Works For Minimum Wage...

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 I saw this pie chart on and immediately thought about Heidi Hartman's discussion of feminist economics! This is such a shocking statistic- that 48.5% of minimum wage workers are adult women. During Heidi Hartman's public presentation, she went through graph after graph that made clear the economic consequences of being a "woman" (which was especially reflected during the recession). Here are a few take-aways from her presentation that I thought you all would enjoy.

• The wage gap is narrowing! Men's earnnings have leveled out since the 70's, while women's have increased.
• Women have always had higher unemployment rates. Single mothers have the highest.
• People with children have higher poverty rates, especially single mothers.
• Women in low-paying jobs STILL get less money than men in the same low-paying jobs.
• Men have a higher growth rate in every industry during the recession recovery, while women have a higher loss rate in every industry but two- Manufacturing and Financial Activitites. 
• More women are attending college than men. 

The above statements are based on research done by the Institute of Women's Policy Research.


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Speaking of

Speaking of the overwhelming wage gap, NPR's Planet Money followed the production of a shirt from cotton field to sale rack. Although I feel they don't go as deep into issues of gender in their reporting as they could, the blatant disparity in women working for factories around the world is so prevelent, you can't help but notice while watching.