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Avatar name change

nia.pike's picture

I just changed my avatar name because I felt my previous name was too identifiable as me. My new avatar name is my middle name and my mother's maiden name. So it is still me, but a distanced version of myself. Yet, despite the distance my words on this blog are my own. But the distance is necessary because I do not perform (see my web event below for more information on performing for society) the same for everyone because I am afraid of the conservative, close-minded society I come from. When writing my web event, I struck a chord deep within me that I do not reveal to everyone in my life. And thus because this blog is a public forum, I do not want my resignification (again see my web event) to be revealed preemptively. I am not ready to face the music if certain people happen upon this forum and figure out it is me, then read all my postings. Instead I would rather do it in my own way and in my own time, because I am not ready for that time yet. Thank y'all for understanding.