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The first offerring:

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The first Friday offerring is a demonstration of a service that I have found very helpful in getting students to do homework that is not simply copied from others . . . and that we teachers don't have to mark.  A few years ago I found a new service that was a web-based means of assigning homework . . . and more importantly having someone else mark it.  The service has expanded to include testing and the hosting of a grading program.  A teacher can upload a class, create assignments using the same text as is used in class or by writing one's own questions.  The variables are changed for each each student in a random manner, so the "smart kid" can't simply do his assignment and then pass around the answers.  He'd have to go to each individual assignment and do each problem.  Although I am aware that some students have paid "the smart kid" to do that for them, most kids simply do the work themselves -- or download it and work with other students, which is fine with me because it's not a test.  . . . and as they explain it to their friends (back and forth), I believe they will learn more deeply.

The service is hosted by the University of North Carolina.  It is called Webassign.  I have entered all of you into a chemistry class. Don't worry. It's a very short course. You will be given an assignment that involves concepts from the first chapter or 2 of a chemistry book. You will have until Monday night to complete it. You will also have 3 tries to get the answer right. Hey, it's homework; not a test!

I'll show you how the system works and set you free. BTW, you have been invited by the people at Webassign to open your own FREE teacher account, so that you can play to your heart's content, create your own assignments and take the system for a test drive.

I hope you find this tool useful.

Enter through my webpage ( or directly by going to 

Please let me know how you feel about this service after you try it out.