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Women's College

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During our discussion, I thought so many people had so many great ideas and I just wanted to share my here because I was not able to during class. When we were saying what people have said to us when we tell them we are going to Bryn Mawr, I did not get any lesbian comments (maybe because they assumed I was already a lesbian because my parents are, or because I wanted gay rights); but one guy told me that Women's Colleges were sexist. I at first did not even know how to respond. I could not believe he had just said that. He said it was because they did not allow men to attend. I don't think I even tried to respond to his statement. But it is an interesting idea since Bryn Mawr does not allow transwomen to attend, but it does allow transmen. So, someone who is assigned female at birth, but identifies as a man is allowed to attend, but not men. I believe that transwomen should be able to attend because anybody who identifies as a woman should be able to go to a women's college.  


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I totally agree with you. I

I totally agree with you. I think that anyone who identifies as a woman should be able to attend a woman's college. Woman's colleges aren't sexist because they arent teaching us to hate men. They are teaching us to strive for more and to excell as a gender NOT to oppress anyone else. Woman's college are wonderful enviroments that i think everyone deserves but there must be a boundary. Theres a reason why it's woman's only to empower WOMEN. It's a space for women to be catered too and to recieve an outstanding education. If we made this institution a  coed college it eliminates the purpose. We dont critize all Mens colleges and call them sexist because they dont accept women. So why should any woman's college feel as though they are doing something wrong because they dont accept men. I know theres more that goes into this argument and it's way more complex then we make it seem but it's difficult to bend on the idea of allowing men to come to women's colleges. However, I ultimately believe as well that transwomen should be allowed to attend because ANYONE who identifies as a woman should be able to go to a women's college.