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The Comfy Couch Perspective

MargaretRachelRose's picture

On Thursday my gender was represented as my partner Kalina's drawing of a couch. She told me that she chose a couch because they are comforting. Within the first five minutes of knowing me, she could discern that I’m completely accepting of all genders on the spectrum. And she’s completely right. When you’re around me, just do you. As long as I’m aware of your personal pronoun preference, I won’t hesitate to support you. It’s who you are. And I don’t care what society says, you’re normal to me. I believe gender is a personal spectrum set in a societal binary. It can fluctuate day-to-day. One of my best friends is genderfluid, and she’s told me that – on most days – she feels more comfortable in a more masculine style of clothing but on other days she’ll sport a dress. On both occasions she is being herself, and that’s what’s important. Society has tried to make gender a binary, but honestly the definition of gender depends on the person because it’s how they indentify themselves and how they feel comfortable presenting themselves to others. The definition of gender is expanding and evolving – and I believe for future generations, gender will be seen on personal and societal spectrum.