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"Queen of the Water, Queen of the Old Main Drag"

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I’m Steph, a Senior English major concentrating in Creative Writing here at Bryn Mawr. While I’ve never taken a course exclusively on Gender and Sexuality, I’ve read a good deal of literature in this area and have incorporated it into my last three years of undergraduate study. I’m hoping to write my Senior Thesis on perceptions of mental illness in twentieth century women’s literature, and feel that this course will expand my previous knowledge and enrich my studies this semester. And if you’re wondering about my unusual username, it’s nothing more than the sound of my initials: SCT. I also like to use song lyrics in my statuses/post titles — this one is from The Decemberists' "Down By The Water."

Precarity – I’m a fan of stability and routine, ergo precarity isn’t something I enjoy. I realize that it is present in everyday to a certain degree and try to take unexpected changes or moments of unpredictability with stride.

Performativity – Every day, we are all performing — we’re trying out new phrases, new perspectives, all in an attempt to become our true self (even if we’re not aware). To me, it’s like being an a play and seeing part of myself in a character I’m embodying that I didn’t know existed. Through repeated interactions with professors, fellow students, literature, and current events, I’m shaping my own identity.

Play – As a Senior engaging in five courses while simultaneously studying for the GRE’s and looking for employment come May 2012, “playtime” is super-important to me. Like everything, there should be a balance between work and play; I know that my studies are important, but seeing my friends and taking time to enjoy my last year at Bryn Mawr is of equal value.

Potential – Everyone has limits, just as everyone holds potential. To me, it’s important to understand my own limits in order to fully know my capabilities. Whether it’s adding additional weight on a bench press or getting out of a social comfort zone and meeting new people, I don’t know what my personal potential is until I try something new.

Perspective – I think that perspective is one of the most important abilities a person can have; understanding that people think differently and placing oneself in another person’s point of view can not only allow one to see something differently but may change their perception on a subject entirely.