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oh, the possibilities

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 I agree with TPB1988's opinion that "it would be a shame to return to the routine of a stereotypical English class." I've definitely enjoyed the uncharacteristically light reading requirements for the class thus far, but I'm pretty sure that most of us weren't given the opportunity in high schools or in other more "focused" literature classes to really study and analyze how the internet is quickly becoming a server for academic work, information, and just the formation of communities in general via blogging. A few months ago I met and chatted over coffee with a former editor for a publishing firm, and he warned me that print medium is taking a backseat to the media and technology. If this is really the case, which I think that the first half of the semester has shown, wouldn't it be beneficial to remain focused on online resources, especially since for the most part, we may not have another chance to do so (and get credits for it!)? With that in mind, fanfiction sounds like a really interesting genre to look at. If what i was told is true, maybe these works are going to become the new novels? (sorry to all of those paper-book advocates!... I love them too!)

Short stories could be a really fun thing to study, too. I know a lot of people really hate them due to a lack of content, but I personally absolutely love them, and there are TONS that you can find online. My personal favorites are the ones by Joey Comeau... you know, one of the creators of asofterworld comics?

Maybe it's a compromise between those who want to read actual books and those who want more internet? 

Another, completely unrelated topic could be women's literature. My favorite book (you know, the one that you have that's literally falling apart, with highlights and underlines, because you've read it THAT many times) is The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

This idea could quickly turn into a women's studies-type thing, but I'm interested in reading more female literature, as a changing genre. We could look at how the standards and restrictions during whatever time period the works were written maybe influenced how or why the ladies wrote (continuing into the modern mediums, including women's film or music or online postings).

just please... NO POETRY !


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