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Eva's time

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Since class I've been thinking a bit more on the passage of time, and my group's conclusion that Eva's time was spent. Because of the format of the novel, we don't see Eva go anywhere, only where she came from and where she is. Because of the circumstances that led up to this point, she is stuck, her time sufficiently queered to the point that she effectively has none left. Left in prison, her life has reached standstill and is unlikely to go anywhere. Is this an overarching consequence of queering time and eliminating reproductive time? If you destroy the need for productivity and the value placed on it, is productivity actually productive (could Eva's time actually be productive in that we hear her story, thus giving her a normative timeline again), how free are we without queer time? We expressed difficulty applying queer time to a hypothetical school schedule and found it difficult to actually accomplish anything without timelines and aligned classes. Is Eva's being 'stuck' a product of her non-normative timeline?