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Page 78 of The 9/11 Report

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I admittedly do not read a lot of graphic narratives, but I found this one much more difficult to read than Fun Home. It seems like this adaptation could have made better use of the graphic form, since there are places where there is more text than there are images (page 44), and I don’t think that’s really the point of a graphic narrative.   This adaptation was supposed to be a way to make the original report more accessible to a wider audience, but the way it is presented is not very easy to understand. I think page 78 is a good example of how difficult this adaptation can be to read. Not only are there a lot of different images on the page, ranging from black and white counterterrorism officials to a red truck speeding towards the White House, but there are also a lot of text boxes. With the way the text boxes are laid out on the page (pretty much all over the place), I just had kind of hard time figuring out to navigate through it. 



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