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Ecofeminism? Multicultural feminism ?

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After our class on Monday i was so interested in learning about the different types of feminism. I was actually suprised about how many different types of feminism there was but the ones that stricked me the most was ecofemnism and multicultural feminism. Multicultural feminism " says that femininity and the struggles of women should not be defined by a specific group. Feminism needs to embrace all types of women, and this may mean creating a broader and vaguer definition of what feminism is." ( I completely agree with multicultural feminism.  I believe that all women are different and we can't exclude them from our definiton of feminism. Many different things effect a woman's view on feminism, we have to consider her background, where she grew up, religion, etc. Not all women are the same, we are complex. While ecofeminism which striked me as well puts emphasis on our relationship with nature and creating equality amoung all including animals and plants. I do respect this view but I didnt quite understand it much. Could we really be equal to nature? If we are not vegetrian than are we excluded from ecofeminism. It seems to me that ecofeminism is quite exclusive.  Feminism shouldnt exclude any woman and be the source of their oppression instead of their liberation. All in all, I believe that all types of feminism have a basic message that makes feminism a whole and not seperate theroies. It is that women exceling and eliminateing the things that prevent her from reaching her full potential/oppressive.  


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You put words to what I was

You put words to what I was thinking! How can ecofeminism be considered the most inclusive when celebrating the life of other species (and are we considering the strictly female members of other species?) takes the focus off reshaping society so that females in our species are equal, empowered, free from oppression and no longer misrepresentation in society? First we must claw and dig our way to that side of society where we will be represented in the way we’ve been fighting for and deserve, then we can shift our focus to another species where we see inequality. Let’s fight our own battles. We’ll be stronger once we’re united and equal in our own species.

Also, I feel as though ecofeminism is broad and vague and in terms of nature that doesn’t equal inclusion, but multicultural feminism is broad and vague in terms of diversity so there can be no room for discrimination between different cultures.