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For my avatar, I chose a picture of my cat, Tuna. I chose this because my pets are an important part of my life, and of my family. I've had my three cats since the moment they were born, since the stray we adopted ended up being pregnant with kittens. It was a lucky accident and for the past 9 years my family has taken care of and loved these creatures that came into our lives most unexpectedly (perhaps we give them too much love, if their size is any indication). If I were to relate my pets to any notions of gender, I would say that my cats are the manifestation of my maternal instinct. I have no desire to raise children of my own; even when I was a child, according to my mother, I never dabbled in fantasies of motherhood with baby dolls or playing "house". However I express the trait of nurturing, which is typically deigned feminine, with my pets. While I defy societal norms by choosing to remain childfree the values I hold which are perpetuated by my gender's role in society are still present.