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Thoughts on time

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During class this Thursday, we talked about the concept of time, specifcally in reference to Eva's Man. We debated the different ways it operates in different kinds of time (queer time, crip time, traumatic time, etc). I began to wonder if the time within the novel works within any of these concepts of time at all, or perhaps if it exists in all of these concepts of time at once. Perhaps there is a blend of different concepts of time within it. From this thought I began to wonder if, by defining concepts of time by "queer time" or "crip time," we give those concepts their own "normative" boundaries. Though these concepts are different from normative time, they have their own set of rules (however flexible they are) and have a defined nature to them. Perhaps time is not supposed to be defined, but to exist in its own way; for time to go by undefined by the concepts we create in our minds. Everything exists within the bounds of time, and yet we choose to define it as if we have any control over the matter.


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No time

I think that this is an astute point. When I read the novel there was a sense of there being an absence of time. It was hard to understand what kind of time she was using (queer time, crip time) at different times but I think that she actually did use a combination of different kinds to bring the reader into Eva's mindset. For me it was hard to get away from trying to put parts of the novel in normative time. I could accept that the book was not on a linear timeline but I still tried to put it in the sense of past and present, I thought the present was her time in prison. I agree by doing that even in queer or crip time it is still trying to make it normative. We are still defining and setting up expectations. It seems in Eva's Man for Eva's mindset that she does not have a sense of time. For us as the readers to try to define it takes a little away from the experience of understanding and following along to her stream of consciousness and the fact that for her time may not exist at all.