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Thoughts on Teach-In

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Trying to make out a "map" for my group's teach-in was an interesting experience for me. I wanted to do something that was my own, but I couldn't come up with any "locations" to draw for a map. On top of that, I didn't know how to relate it to feminism at first. I finally decided to draw feminism in a way that made sense to me: as an entire body, a "creature." I wanted to draw the dragon because, though we cannot see it, we can see the power of fire, which it breathes. This is similar to feminism because, though many people cannot see the theory that goes behind it, they can see the actions that destroy harmful institutions and help create progress. Like the body of the dragon, though all the parts have different functions, they all can cooperate to have one common goal. I felt that drawing my "map" helped me better understand the idea of feminism as well as educate the class on my perceptions.