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thoughts on class

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Power feminism--not a term I had heard prior to our last meeting.  Feminism always felt/sounded like this unifying term that acted to unite the experiences of margianalized people, rather than separate them.  I know so many people who worship Hilary Clinton at her feet, but is she not the power feminist we critiqued in class on Tuesday? Sometimes, I struggle with deciding if there is a "line" to draw in examining feminism.  I hope that makes sense.  When does reflection become useless?  If every feminism/leadership is somehow problematic, what is the end point?  

Perhaps on a less fruitless note, I was interested by hooks's statement that one cannot be anti-abortion and still a feminist.  If feminism is for everybody, then must we have these expectations?  Not to throw myself into the mud here, but I do have a bit of a problem with the idea of abortion.  I think that women should have the choice, as it truly is their body in the end, but that we too easily fail to recognize that in aborting a fetus, you truly are killing a creature.  Having a serious medical producure like an abortion is no coin toss--it's a complex and painful situation.  And frankly, I'm not willing to merely sign on to believe that it's just simply 'ok' or 'not a big deal' or an easy, assumed option.  I don't think I'm any less of a feminist for believing that.