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Through the silence

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It seems for many that silence holds power, mystery but also privilege. We hold power when we have the right to remain silent, the right to withhold information, secrets and truths. When we are silent we generate an air a mystery, we hold the unknown. Silence can push away outsiders, it can deter or mislead. But silence can also bring safety and comfort. When I think about Eva's silence though, i question whether it is really a privilege. A privilege is something that some people have and others do not. Yes she has the truth and no one else does, but this truth to why she did what she did (which she may not even fully know herself) has arisen from circumstances that she did not have the privilege to choose. It seems that people in the novel are so concerned with her silence, almost afraid of it. Why are some people so afriad of silence? is it alienating? uncomfortable? creates a disconnect? Should we be afraid of silence? or should we embrace it? I think Eva embraces her silence as a source of shelter, her voice to say no, to have her feelings understood were never embraced, so she keeps to herself, the only person she can trust.


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The reaction to Eva's silence

The reaction to Eva's silence seems to make others in the novel uncomfortable. It seems to puzzle them that someone would want to withhold so much hurt and pain. Until one can put themselves in the situation they wont realize the power silence can have. As an outsider reading this novel I still feel uncomfortable especially with her silence. Although it may be empowering it seems as though it would have been even more empowering if she told her story so others can understand her, show empathy and possibly relate on some level. I totally agree with you and the questions your asking about silence because it seems as though there isn't ever a right answer to the true definition of "silence."