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Sarah Bartman and stares at the black female body

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Sarah Bartman was an African women taken from Cape Town and brought to London to be put on display for her "freakish" body image. Bartman had a large buttox, genitals and breast, as compared to European women. This made her a spectacle of scientific research which distinguished her and all black women as racially inferior and hyper-sexualized. Even after her death her brain and genitals were put on display. Today, the black female body is still put on display, in music videos, in the political arena, in health care and in daily life. Stared at, pocked and prodded. From our hair to our thighs to our buttox, to skin complexion the black woman is often made a spectale of. The black female body is still devalued.


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(soory for some reason the

(soory for some reason the rest of what i was going to say cut off) .... The black body continues to be connected with sexuality, most recently noted in Miley Cyrus's song "We Can't Stop" she directly insinuates that "girls with the big butts" (black girls) "shake it like we at the strip club". this is not okay.