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The picture I chose is one single brick that reads "Be Extraordinary" from a walkway full of memorials and inspirational messages at a camp I volunteer at. It is called Camp Sunshine and it is a place for terminally ill childrean and their families to come. Working at this camp was the first time I ever fully realized that there was so much more in this world than the near fantasy I grew up in. I was so humbled and grateful to have the experience of it and Bryn Mawr has only furthered these feelings in my life. Being here makes me want to learn so much about all kinds of people's life experiences, I feel so honored to be a part of such a special place, just as I feel about Camp Sunshine. In both of these places people are filled with so much generosity and light and knowledge, there is so much hope and gratitude for the world around us and that is something that I can only hope to embody and pay forward in the future.