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Reclaiming Space

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I chose to take pictures of my room because it is where I spend the most time on campus. I took many shots of different perspectives of the room. After reading passages about M. Carey Thomas, I felt that I did not belong in my room because I was not the typical "Bryn Mawr girl" she was looking for but, I am still a student here. My paper revolves around the spaces that M. Carey Thomas envisioned for the women of Bryn Mawr and how I reclaim and re-shape those spaces to fit my education at Bryn Mawr. Although I reclaimed my space at Bryn Mawr, I still feel a sense of disconnect because M. Carey plays a major role in Bryn Mawr’s history and so many of the women here look up to her. It’s difficult to say whether I will truly feel a whole sense of belonging to the Bryn Mawr community.


P.S.-My pictures are on an attached word document because they exceeded 1 MB so I could not upload them, but check them out!

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I like your room! But I feel

I like your room! But I feel different about typical "Bryn Mawr Girl" and it's kind of relate to my paper in which I claimed that the tradition is something we carry on and respect while the spirit and direction of a college must adapt to time. I agree that both you and me are not "typical bryn mawr girl" in the 19c. But time goes by and current students are responsible for not only respecting the traditions of a school but also "modify" the school.