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intense class discussion

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Sorry for the late post, with all of the lantern night hype it completely slipped my mind. I wanted to comment on the class discussion we had on Thursday. I thought that it was healthy for people to get a little bit heated and share their thoughts on the silence or lack of silence in our class. Good suggestions were made on how to rearrange the class structure as far as conversation. I thought it was interesting that as soon as we began the 5 second rule it seemed as though everyone had more to say than they ever have. Personally I know that I spoke more that class than I have in a while and that felt good for me. I think the 5 second rule is going to be difficult though, the pace of the class has never been the issue for me personally so I think it will mess with our dynamic a little bit if we keep it around. Overall I think we had a healthy class discussion and I feel closer and more comfortable with everyone in the class now because of it.