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An Invitation to Be and Become through Bryn Mawr's Labyrinth

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Anne had shared this piece earlier as a reply to Smacholdt's Thoreauvian (Labyrinth) walk but I just wanted to expose this a bit further and share once again - Jeanne-Rachel Salomon is the creator of the Labyrinth that sits next to the hill in front of Rhoads. She had an interest in Shamanism, cured herself of cancer (not suprisingly) and states, "If one has travelled long enough and the distance between the onset of the journey and the moment of reflection is sufficient, one gains understanding of the journey’s meaning." A frequent visitor of the labyrinth myself, I invite you all to "be and become" more in tune with your lives and take a few moments of reflection and journey through the labyrinth and through life with a renewed awareness.



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labyrinth history

Thank you for this link. I definitely want to find this woman, and keep following her footsteps!

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I'm glad you found it

I'm glad you found it helpful! And I wish you the best on your own journey!