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Gender in Language

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The discussion on thursday regarding seeing and reading gender in language really intrigued me. It had never occured to me to look for it or even think twice about it. I guess I always assumed that the voice of the author would be who was speaking in the piece. I find it so interesting that people can seem to tell what gender a voice is just by the words that are being used or the pattern of speech in the particular work. "Seeing Gender" really opened my eyes to a world of gender in language, the last passage expressed so much deep emotion and intimacy that was followed by the question "does gender lie here?" something I never would have asked or wondered about. I'm really looking forward to learning more about this and further analyzing it. 


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Since discussing the

Since discussing the prevalence of gender in language and reading My New Gender Workbook, I'm starting to see gender in almost EVERYTHING written, visual, and audio that I encounter. While watching a bit of television last night, I became incredibly frustrated by at least 60% of the advertisements that aired. Target has a current ad campaign for their new, "trendy" kids clothing that features commercials with a different adorable child clad in their apparel. In one commercial, the ad begins with a shot of a girl's feet. As the camera slowly pans upward to reveal her outfit, "Eye of the Tiger" is playing. The shot reveals a young African American girl dangling from a pull up bar in sparkly sequined shoes, leggings, a pink tutu skirt, a ton of jewelry, and other "girl" clothing in "girl" colors. I was horribly distraught that Target decided to portray a young female as weak and unable to finish a pullup. Why not show her completing the pull up? Why not show a male child struggling to prove his strength (or more encouragingly, completing the exercise)? And why are these children dressed in the most extreme gendered clothing? When I was a child, I wore "boys" clothing and "girls" clothing! Most of the children I babysit for prefer a mixture of categorically "masculine" and "feminine" appear all. These ads are so frustrating because they are supporting and defining the gender binary for Kids and adults!