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Evolution and Literature Web Papers 3

This is the third set of webpapers to emerge from The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories, a course offered at Bryn Mawr College in Spring 2009. Three months into the semester, students are thinking about aspects of the evolution of literary stories that particularly interest--or are useful--to them.

Take a look around, and feel warmly welcome to respond in the comment area available at the end of each paper. What strikes, intrigues, puzzles you...what, among your reactions, might be of interest or use to the writer, or others in the class, or others who--exploring the internet--might be in search of a thoughtful conversation about evolution and literature?

amirbeyDiverging through Picasso's paintings
amoskowiWho You Love- Erik and Miranda
aseidmanCharacter Study
aybala50Ambiguity Through Time
ccricharThe Evolution of a Sculpture
dshaninThe Multitudes of Whitman
eawhiteBeginning, Middle and End
eglaserMo laime toi vs. I love you: The Merging and Divergence of Evolving Languages
enewbernProse Evolution: Before and After Walt Whitman
eoleckiRoots of Sky-Evolving From Walt Whitman
epeck01The Evolution of the Mind
fquadriWhy We Like What We Like and Its Effect on Literary Evolution
Hilary McGowanDefining Science and Literature
Hilary McGowanDefining Science and Literature
ibarkasEvolution and the Unconscious Mind
Jackie MaranoThe Human Unconscious: The Mechanism for Literary Evolution
jaferrLiterature & Language
jrlewisWhitman's Desire to Merge and its Implications
kapelianChanges and Elements of Comics
kbrandallOld and New
kcofrinshaFamily History and Cultural Evolution
kgouldAltruism in Sorrows of an American
L.Kelly-BowditchThe Evolution of Contra Dancing
lewilliamsThrough the Fog
Lisa B.Arrowsmith: Sinclair Lewis and the Transformation of Twentieth-Century Medicine
LS2Whitman and Convergence
MarinaMemetics as an Approach to Whitman and Hustvedt
mcurrieTale of the Romance Novel
merlinThe Evolution of the Sailboat and its effect on Culture
mfraderaMarina's paper 3
Rachel TownsendThe Art Instinct: Evolving Creativity
Rica Dela CruzFrom Ancient Storytelling, to Books, and Then to Films
rmehtaEvolving the "happily ever after"
skhemkaEvolution Of Evolutionary Literature
SophiaolenderThe Evolution
Student BloggerWhy Recreate Art?
sustainablephilosopher "Evolutionary" and "non-evolutionary" genres: a valid divide?
Tara RajuSorry Fiction, Your Time Maybe Up
unidentifiedflyingobjectContemporary American Landscapes



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