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The Question of Literature and Other Quandaries

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The "F-word" Redefined


         Foundationalism, or the “f-word” as we have come to call it in our class discussions, was defined in class as being an idea or theory that was “grounded, concrete, and observable.” I wasn’t really satisfied with this definition, but I wasn’t ready to throw away the term in favor of another. So I have decided that foundationalism deserves a closer look.

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Empiricism: Was it Darwin's scientific methodology?

        Empiricism is a term that has been used in class discussion for the past couple of weeks in order to describe Darwin’s scientific method. It is a term that I was not very familiar with before the start of this class and I would like to explore it. Then after I have a more solid idea of what the term “empiricism” entails, I want to try and apply it to Darwin and his work: On the Origin of Species.

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