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Notes Towards Day 14 (Thurs, Mar. 1): "Bring Your Own Music!"

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21st Century Girl

I. coursekeeping

* two events:
6:30-8:30 tonight @ the GSSWSR: Rutgers SSW prof lecturing about
"The Right-Wing Agenda and the anti-LGBTI Movement"
(anti-gay activity as a social movement)
4:30-6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, Jack Halberstam will speak in
Carpenter 21 on "Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal"

I'm teaching in a new 360° in the fall called
"Women in Walled Communities: Silence, Voice, Vision,"
focusing on the constraints and agency of individual actors
in the institutional settings of women's colleges and prisons
(my English course on The Rhetorics of Silence, plus
Jody Cohen's Ed course on "Learning in Institutional Spaces,"
and Barb Toews, allied Soc course, "Acting in Prison:
Vision as Resource for Change."

* signing in/final name-testing

* by 8 p.m. tomorrow, Fri, Mar. 2: your second 4-pp. web event is due,
exploring the connections between various forms of feminist thinking
in different geographical locations (or feminist linguistics, or the
history of feminist @ Bryn Mawr, or feminist forms of comics, or....?)

when we meet again (far in the future!)
on Tues, Mar. 13, we will discuss
Jeffrey Eugenides's BIG NOVEL, Middlesex--
read as much as you can over break.

For framing/focusing, I'd recommend an article Amophrast flagged for us:
The Invention of the Heterosexual (Salon, Jan. 22, 2012); also: look for where the
"marks of gender" and what you might call "feminist questions" appear in the novel;
I'm interested in how random, how "determined," Cal's gender identity is;
I'm also interested in questions of genre....and will share the
(medicalized) story of Katie Dalke's "disorder of sexual development"

--and after that??? let's see!

What Do/Don't We Know?
What Do We Want to Know?
How Are We Going to Learn It?

T, Mar. 27

Th, Mar. 29

T, Apr. 3

Th, Apr. 5

T, Apr. 10

Th, Apr. 12

T, Apr. 17

Th, Apr. 19

8 p.m. Fri, Apr. 20: third 4-pp. web event, exploring ....?

T, Apr. 24

Th, Apr. 26 Final Performances

looking over the 5 summaries of Tuesday's small group discussions:
(Aybala, Amophrast, Colleen, Michelle, pejordan... )

Aybala's proposal garnered 11 start there?
see if we can do this as a large group first?
(requests for more lit/fiction...)
my attempts to synthesize most interests
MC's recommendation that you "bring your own music,
volume 1": A Serendip Feministy PlayList

what about the form/at:

smaller group? handraising? me seated? no screen?

what have we agreed on?
what further negotiations are needed?