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Neurobiology and Behavior Web Papers II

Students in Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available via links from the index below to encourage further exploration by others having similar or related interests. All papers have associated on-line forums for continuing conversation.

Adam ZakheimNano-Neurobiology and Axon Regeneration
Anna Dela CruzGender Self-Identity Among Males: A Case for Biology
aybala50Trying to Solve Depression in Children
bbaum“What do you mean, I can’t walk!” Two Theories on Anosognosia for Hemiplegia
BeccaB-C Facial Expression Recognition: When the amygdala intercepts the I-function
Bo-Rin KimExploring the “Links” in the Brain that Give Rise to Synaesthesia
bpyensonProust and Long-Term Memory
Brie StarkThe Concept of Disability, or, 'perceiving our differences'
ccSociety's perceptions and the over-diagnosis of Depression
Crystal LeonardThe Neurobiological Underpinnings of Anorexia Nervosa
ddlSensing Time
drichardNeuroesthetics: An Exploration of Aesthetic Appraisal in the Human Brain
eglaserDragons in our Genes: An Examination of the Collective Unconscious
fquadriHypnagogia: Who Needs LSD When You Can Just Sleep?
hamsterjackyThe Nerve Damage of Diabetes Mellitus
hlee01Someday My Prince Will Come: The Science of Love
hopeZapping the Brain
iljaAn ode to Randomness
jlustickPheromones and Female Leadership
jrlewisEducation as Changes in the Brain
jwiltseeSleep Paralysis: Reality and Terrible Fantasy Become One
kdillard The Perception of Pain
kenglanderWhen Honesty Isn't the Best Policy
Leah BonnellBoys Will Be Girls: Understanding Childhood Gender Nonconformity
Lisa B.Are Extreme Eating Disorders Caused By Pathobiology Of The Dopamine Reward Circuit?
mmgSavant Syndrome: Assessing the Thin Line
nafisamThe Role of Inhibitory Signals in Antisocial Behavior
OrganizedKhaosSex Related Pain Perception...
Percival52Moral Emotions v. Rationality
redminkThe Language Has its Ups and Downs
Sam BeeboutBlurring the Definition of Self, Agency, and Identity
SandraGandarezConscious Thoughts on the Subconscious
Sarah TabiThe Subjective Narcissistic Personality Disorder
vcruzWhat controls hair growth?



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