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Jeff Hawkins' On Intelligence

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Finding Memory in the Brain

As I discussed in one of my posts, I have been watching the new show Dollhouse and it has made me curious about the cutting edge of neuroscience and whether it at all compares to the themes in the show.  The premise of Dollhouse is that people submit themselves, for money, to be a doll for a set number of years.
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Blurring the Definition of Self, Agency, and Identity

Two-year-olds Tatiana and Krista Hogan are craniopagus conjoined twins. They are one of only 6 sets of twins in the world who were born conjoined at the head. Only 2% of conjoined twin births are craniopagus (1). Because the craniopagus twinning is so rare, there is a limited supply of observations that have been made about their condition. There is also a general lack of research looking at the condition of being a conjoined twin. Conjoined twinning presents profound physical differences. The physical immobility, health risks, and unconventional lifestyle that result from conjoined twinning motivate parents and doctors to separate twins if possible, and as early as possible.
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The Effect of Language on Learning to Read and the Implications of Cultural Differences in the Brain

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Web Paper 1

The Effect of Language on Learning to Read,
and the Implications of Language Differences on Experiencing and Storytelling
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