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What's black and white and read all over? This first draft. (ESP Essay)

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Conflict of silences. A place of aesthetic beauty from outside. A place of silence and regret from inside. Gone are the tiny insanity-inspiring chambers, replaced by shared-chambers capable of providing a life to their inhabitants. It was not a luxury to live in it, to be confined to your thoughts. It was corrupted over the years not by loose morals and flagging ideals but by the sheer pressure of numbers. It seems prisoners became more like objects to be placed somewhere than people who needed reforming.

These wall that used to be crisp white are falling down, the whole structure of the building is decaying. It has all passed. It is still in no better condition that it was when he was alive, but now that the context has changed, it is looked on with more reverence than it deserves. No matter, Eastern State as it is now, a true institution of learning, is the best form of itself that has ever been and undoubtedly could ever be.