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Moving Too Fast: Ethics of Enhancement Drugs

In America's fast paced society, it seems as though everyone is looking for a quick fix solution to their problems. We are always looking to make ourselves better, and perform at optimum level. Every commercial on television, and every dietary supplement passed in the store is a constant reminder that human beings are inefficient. These images only fuel the fire for the quest for the perfect mind and body. In order to keep up with our fast paced environment, many people are turning to enhancement drugs that allow for more efficient function. Many individuals who are considered healthy and "normal" are continually turning to self-diagnosis and self-medication in the hopes of eliminating imperfections.
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Migraine: Beyond the Pain

Chronic migraines are a condition that cause "intense pulsing or throbbing pain in one area of the head" (6), and are often accompanied by other symptoms which include nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances (6). The pain of a migraine can last from up to a couple of hours to several days, and greatly reduces daily productivity in those who suffer from them (6). The triggers and pain threshold differ among individuals, but all can agree that the experience is unpleasant (6). Often times those who suffer from migraines do not seek treatment, or stop taking medication because they feel as though they can handle the pain (9). However recent studies may indicate that migraines can have even more serious consequences beyond the pain.

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