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In response to this idea of

In response to this idea of dependence: something I thought was interesting in the movie was the fact that when the men developed the virus/rash, their computers crashed – “illness” of their computers is mirrored by physical illness. To me this was a clear commentary on our dependence on technology – I think most of us, like leamirella, would be completely lost without our computers/smart phones/etc. Many (if not most?) facets of this class, in fact, would be impossible to achieve without technology – or even if either students or teachers in this class were not computer-literate.

As for the feminist(?) reliance that spreston comments on, I too thought it was weird that this movie seemed to regurgitate stereotypes of women. Ruby, who is comfortable with their sexuality, treats sex like a commodity and has difficulty understanding various human concepts. Rosetta, is awkward, unattractive, sexually repressed, but is intelligent enough to bring her theory on SRAs to life. Perhaps this reliance on sexist tropes is itself a commentary on the human tendency to rely on what we know rather than exploring new possibilities in any field, whether gender/sexuality, science, technology, etc.



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