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This is an interesting question

I really like your question about whether or not technology makes us dependent. Personally, I do not know where I would be without my Blackberry - I didn't have it over winter break and almost had a meltdown because I couldn't access my emails on the go. And if my computer were to crash? Yeah, I'd be so heartbroken and unable to function. However, my question is whether or not this dependence is a bad thing. This concept of being "human" is something, that I believe, is constantly changing. I'm not so sure that being "human" means not being interconnected with technology. Technology isn't an entity in and of itself. We humans created it, use it, like (or in my case, love) it. Its really become a part of us that to say we're less human by using technology is a little strange to me.

Technology has made things so much more efficient. I wouldn't be able to get to class on time if it weren't for the alarm on my phone. (And the alarm on my shelf too...) If there was a possibility of integrating everything and having everything in my head, I'd take it. (And maybe, I'd be able to wake up more easily in the mornings) The instant access to information could work to our benefit - we could train ourselves to use it. I don't think it would affect our curiousity to learn or our creativity. Sure they would come in different forms but I think they would still essentially be there. I don't think that having a lot of information doesn't stop us being curious about things or being creative with what we have.


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