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Is it the ugliness or the unnatural aspect?

Your discussion on the creatures conception of himself as "ugly" got me thinking about why exactly he has been outcasted by the people he's met. He sees other people and what they look like, and then he sees his own reflection and decides that he is ugly. Until this class I have never seen or read anything about Frankenstein. I haven't seen any of the movies and I haven't seen any images of the creature until this class. So, I found myself imagining what the creature may look like.

In my mind, the creature is a compilation of several human body parts with a great deal of stitch marks visible to the outsider. Victor, while creating the creature, used one leg from one body, and another leg from another body. He also attached different dead bodies ears and nose to the creature, he had to cut off and sew another bodies scalp onto the monsters head. Two different arms, one torso, and who knows, maybe genitals? Ok, so yes, according to society this creature may be considered "ugly", despite his personality characteristics. However, with this image in my mind, I find myself wondering if it's the fact that the creature is "ugly", or if it is the fact that he is so obviously unnatural as he is made up of the combination of several different body parts. If this is clear, which I imagine it would be, to the human eye, then isn't it possible that it is more the unnaturalness of the creature that repulses people, rather than his "ugliness"? 


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