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Title:  The Web

Objective: The students will have an introduction to  food chains and be able to develop questions about what they learned.


·         Food chain photographs

·         Science Journals

·         Rubber Spider


·         Teacher will give students time to look at the photograph of the fly in a web, and ask them to write in their sciece journals what they think is happening in the picture.

·         Students will be share with small groups their predictions, and come up with one predictions to share with the rest of the class.

·         Students will share group predictions.


·         Teacher puts a  picture of a spider and askes students to guess the next picture and repeats this for the snack card and hawk card.

·         Teacher talks to children about food chains and charts other food chains students come up with.

·         Teacher asks children why there are food chains and are they necessary.



·         The teacher assigns half the class the topic of the importance of food chains and the other half the lack of need for food chains.

·         The class finishes with open disussion



Student write they learned about the importance of food chains, and questions they would still like to investigate.