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Who is responsible?

When we were discussing about the book on Wednesday, I was talking about the responsibility that scientists have as a potential inventor of new technology. It was discussed in the text that all Victor wanted to do is figuring out about death and life and creating a beautiful form of life from something inanimate, but his experiment ended up in a complete disaster. Therefore, we could interpret the text as a warning to think about creating new technology, which could possibly bring disastrous outcomes.

I do agree with the post that we must think about the implications and how people affected by this technology will be treated before utilizing new technology. However, I think that the question should be addressed is who are the ones responsible for thinking about the implications and how people will be affected. I personally think it is the responsibility of the inventor, in this case, Victor, to deeply ponder about the possible dangers that could be associated with one’s project. If Victor had deeply thought about possible dangers associated with his first creation as he did when he was creating the female form of creature, then none of this disastrous outcomes would have occurred.


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