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Education levels "the playing field"?

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I find it hard to answer the question because I am not quite sure about the term ”level the playing field.” I tend to split it into two parts so the question can be easier to answer. For individuals, education doesn’t level or limit the development of one person. Even though some students came from lower class or have limited access to some educational resources, they would succeed as long as they have the ambition and passion to achieve the goal. Even though in the worst public schools, a small part of students would study and have the chance to go to college. Therefore, from the perspective of individual, education is not able to literally level the playing field. However, for the majority, education levels the playing field because of its ability to label and categorize students to some extent. More students go to college in private schools when compared with those in some urban public schools. A school usually has a tradition or a trend, in which their students would act or behave in a stereotype or affected by the atmosphere in the school. After students graduate from high schools, they usually go to a corresponding destination, thus different kinds of colleges or becoming a college dropout.


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But think more about the

But think more about the individual? If that individual is from lower class, does she have the means to pay for a college education? Passion and ambition doesn't pay tutition fees and some schools don't have scholarships or don't give enough financial aid. 

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I think this may be a good

I think this may be a good thing to keep in mind when we think about access to education.  Are passion and ambition enough to overcome terrible conditions?  I mean, they sure help, but if there's not a lot of resources available (like in schools were there are no books), or if resources are already stretched by the school's social obligations (like in areas where the school must provide free food) , then even the most passionate students might not be able to transcend their surroundings.  In fact, I think that the idea that passion and ambition are enough to transcend a shitty circumstance is sometimes used as a way to blame victims of social injustice.  I don't that you're doing that in your post, but the idea has been used that way.