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Visiting my location

Hannah's picture

Today after visiting my location on campus, the wall under the trees that overlook the sunken garden, I found myself in a very thoughtful mood. At first it was a peaceful thoughtful mood and I was very relaxed and enjoyed myself in this cozy place in the trees. I looked at the sunlight shining through the leaves and listened to the rustling of them as the wind blew through them. I thought about how in my paper I had dissected the word “space” and I tried to become fully present and aware of the space I was in and noticed the feel of the air around me.  When the wind came the air blew on me colder, and when I moved into sunlight and the wind stopped, the air sat on my warmly, heated by the sun’s rays. When I got back to my room, I was compelled to draw a picture (which I didn’t have time to upload now but will try to do so next post).