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Conceiving a Creature

So is Emmy like a kind of female Victor? She is a woman who attempted to create life without the help of a some extent. Whereas she had her partner's sperm and he did help her physically conceive, Emmy rejected the motheristic tendencies  that her partner displayed. Through her connection to technology, Emmy was able to birth Ada. There doesn't seem to be negative effects to life created without men, though there is the fact to consider that Emmy's partner was incredibly emasculated by Emmy. So in comparison (to the novel), can Emmy truly be seen as a "woman" in this situation when her profit comes in part by a weakening of/lack of men?

I tried searching for a version of Frankenstein with a female Victor and found this:,

In this case, the creature is created accidentally as a part of stem cell research. This seems relevant especially when considering the different controversies surround stem cell research as related to reproduction/where the stem cells are required from.

In general, I do not seem the same conclusions being made in these posts when sex/gender differs


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