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May Day in its Hay Day

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I choose this photo because of how it representst he past as well as the present. This is a picture of the first May Day ever held at Bryn Mawr. It was held in the year 1900. I choose it because it helps to capture the essence of Bryn Mawrs community, as a fun loving group of women that like to have a good time. During parade night I felt that same essence of the community first hand, everyone wanted to be a part of the tradition and enjoy it. One site that I have choosen to revist throughout the year is the campus green. I feel that in the photo above that huge area of open space symbolizes the freedom Bryn Mawr women have and the green on campus signifies that as well. Also since the green is currently under construction it will be an interesting this to revisit throughout the year because it will be constanly changing.

here is a link to the imgae:

I do not know why the image is not working.



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image trouble

probably isn't working because the image is too large.

follow these instructions @ how to add an image to your post:

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Bingo! that way serendip can go to the original site and "fetch" it each time someone wants to see it...