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Being content...

"I feel as though if someone were truly happy and content with the way things were at a point in time, then they would never do anything to change anything. Someone would just exist." This reminds me of Power's statement in Generosity where he says, "Wanting is what having wants to recover." This implies that once you have something, you are still not content but rather it is human nature to continue to want. Is there a problem with this? Because where is the fun in never wanting, never striving for something more, or something new and exciting?

But I suppose there is a somewhat bleak side to this, in that if we are always found wanting, then we can never truly be happy and content? I'm not sure which way I want to look at this statement, but I suppose I always try to take the more optimistic route and so I will agree that even though we may never be truly content, this very fact will push us to always look for more. I don't think I would like to live a life where I was always content with my position, because the world is full of an infinite number of stories (right?) and I need to keep living them. (Of course, this brings me to one of the central issues in Powers, and in the library of babel concept, of whether there is a set number of stories that have already been written...I suppose this whole thought process has become very cyclical!)


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